Tuesday, October 30


Victoria had the most amazing aura about her ... she had such a gentle, quiet but confident way and was taking life's challenges in her stride.  At the time, Vic was living in London, planning a wedding to take place in Cape Town, South Africa and preparing to immigrate and join her husband in Australia!  Add to this the fact that she wasn't able to see her fiance for long periods of time.  Everything worked out beautifully, though, as you can see in the photos below.

Photographer: Greg Lumley

Vic's dress was made from silk satin with an overlay of draped silk chiffon.  I love the simple silhouette of the dress with the subtle detail in the draping.  I'm also a big fan of the low back.  What's your favourite part of this gown?

Sam *

Anthony & Krista

Krista chose white taffeta for her gown with a pleated bodice and full, dramatic skirt with pickups and a train.  Krista was all about the sparkle ... we decorated the bodice with multitudes of little Swarovski crystals and she wore crystal jewelry and hair accessories.

Photographer: Gavin Whithers

I love the simple spaghetti straps with cross over back.  Are you a 'strap'  person?

Sam *

Monday, October 29

Aage & Ingrid

What a stylish wedding on soo many levels.  Ingrid planned everything down to the finest detail (including hand embroidered handkerchiefs for the men of the bridal party and an extremely decadent sweets table).  

To start, her wedding dress was quite unique.  Ingrid's fishtail dress was made up of swirling panels, accentuated with smokey crystals.  The crumb-catcher neckline was a noteworthy detail in its own right.  And those shoes (Errol Arendz) just added the extra stamp of personality and style that was so distinctly Ingrid.  The colours for the outfits of her retinue were also quite dramatic.  Her three bridesmaids wore different styled dresses made from black chiffon.   

Photographer:  Lizelle Lotter
Venue:  Clouds Estate

Don't these photos conjure up nostalgic feelings from a bygone era?  Ingrid and Aage certainly make a gorgeous couple!

Sam *

Chas & Nadine

Well now, this wedding was particularly Special! Chas is my 'little' brother so it was a great privilege to make Nadine's dress. Nadine knew exactly what she wanted and managed to source the fabric for her dress when shopping with her mom.  Happy days!

And some dress shots ... Nadine chose a thin organza ribbon for the side, bodice lace up which introduced a bit of colour.  We also hand made flowers, incorporating a little of the fabric used for the bridesmaids' dresses as well as some of the embroidered organza used for the bodice and skirt.

Chas and Nadine had some of their pictures taken at the beach, before the reception.  I love these fun shots and splashes of colour from the little changing huts.

Finally, I need to include some pictures of the bridesmaids and little helpers.  I loved the splash of cerise to brighten up the fairly neutral tones of the attendants' outfits.  And, I really think my little kiddies look too cute!

These beautiful photos were taken by Seagram Pearce

I really enjoyed the trip down memory lane as I went through the photos.  The photographer really captured some beautiful expressions as well as 'moments'.  It was a beautiful wedding ... and Nadine is a Wonderful sister!

What did you think of these photos?

Sam *

Saturday, October 27

Ralph & Tana

I love corded lace and Tana chose this type of lace for the bodice of her dress. We used an unbeaded lace and added a scattering of crystals to bring some life to the lace. As Tana and Ralph were also getting married in the middle of the Cape Town winter we made some full length fingerless gloves to help keep her warm!

Photos by Evert Theron

Tana was such a down-to-earth, happy bride. I really enjoyed working with her. And, Tana and Ralph made a really cute couple, don't you think?

Sam *

Friday, October 26

Hendrik & Faye

What a whirlwind! Faye was living in London, getting married in the Seychelles and I was making her dress in Cape Town.  I didn't see Faye as often as I would normally see a bride but Wow! What fun! Seeing as it was going to be a beach wedding, Faye wanted a short dress and she chose a style with a fitted bodice, flaring from the hips into a full skirt. Layers and layers of bias cut organza created amazing texture. The satin sash just finished it all off, not to mention the Jimmy Choos!

Doesn't this setting look soo idyllic?

Sam *

Ian & Gillian

Making Gillian's dress was interesting ... Ian and Gillian are ballroom dancers and Gillian wanted a dress with a removable train that she could dance in! She chose a simple silhouette with subtle crystal detailing around the neckline and at the top of the detachable train. The bright white of her dress contrasted beautifully with the purple dresses she chose for her bridesmaids.


Don't you think the venue was beautiful?

Sam *

Thursday, October 25

Mood Board

I mentioned in this post that I was doing a course with Holly Becker from Decor8 (beyond inspiring!). Our recent homework assignment was to do a mood board relating to our blog. 

I haven't worked on a mood board in ages and, in my usual manner, I procrastinated a little, just letting thoughts run around in my head. When I did get down to the nitty gritty of it all I had soo much fun and I quite like how things have turned out. It's a bit 'darker' than I intended but feedback from 'my' brides (photos and Thank You's) is really important to me and so I included these references. There is always room for improvement, though ... especially when it comes to my photography skills (or lack thereof).

Here is the board (laid out on a recently finished DIY pinboard) as well as some zoom-ins.

In terms of making wedding dresses, I tend to prefer uncluttered lines and simple silhouettes so there is quite a lot of 'busy-ness' on this board. It does, however, reflect the things I love about my work and what inspires me.

I would love to hear what you think of my mood board.

Sam *

Lance & Roxy

Roxy came to me with a picture of a dress that she loved. We used that reference as the basis of her dress, adding details that made Roxy's dress unique ... in particular including some colour to her dress (wine red to match her colour theme) by using colour crystals to embellish the lace appliques and a colour sash for the back lace up.

Don't you just love the playful photo of the happy couple on the trampoline?

Would you make use of colour in your wedding dress? Or are you a 'neutrals' person?

Sam *

Wednesday, October 24


One of the things I enjoy about exhibiting at expos is the opportunity to meet up with potential clients. I met Cara at one of these expos. She liked one of the dresses I had on display and we made a plan to meet up at my studio. After fitting a couple of dresses we decided on a design that incorporated details from a couple of the dresses Cara had fitted. I really enjoyed the whole process of creating Cara's dress and she was such a pleasure to work with!

Photos by Sarah Wood

I love the draping and lace that creates a soft, romantic feel. The back detail (train and contrasting ribbon) creates a bit of a wow factor.

What do you think?

Sam *

Saturday, October 13

Goals - 2013

Can you believe that we only have two and a half months until the end of the year?! Time has certainly shot past this year again. It is around this time that we often start thinking of our goals for the new year. Perhaps you are planning a wedding for the new year? Have you worked out a timetable of your goals?

Well, I also have some goals for my little business. As you may know, I have taken it easy the last couple of years (spent some great time with my kids!). Taking a blogging e-course with Decor8 (see this post) has already started the ball rolling in terms of working towards my goals. I would like a website that is fresh, that showcases my work and that I can edit. I think that applying my blog to my web address would give me the flexibility I want. While I think this e-course will help me achieve my goal, I can see that it is going to provide a whole lot of additional inspiration and encouragement which is a wonderful bonus!

Vintage Inspired Studio via Pinterest
I would also like to give my little studio a revamp. I have been collecting various images of inspiration on my pinterest boards. 

I have already made some bunting to pretty up the garden near the entrance. A lick of paint always goes along way. I'd like to add a pinboard to display some of the Thank You cards I've received from 'my' brides. And some additional lighting (fairy lights with tulle) will add some sparkle. The most important part of the project, though, is probably a good old clear-out. I've started with this ... and it's giving me a great opportunity to take stock of the fabric that I have (yay!).

While I adore the picture to the left, my studio is considerably smaller and lends itself to a fresh, white make-over. 

I'll keep you posted as I reach my goals. Please share some of your goals with me!


The Little Pink Book

Little Pink Book
Let's face it ... planning a wedding can be super stressful! If you allow it. More often than not, a bride-to-be has been imagining her wedding day for years but when it comes to actually planning the big day the sheer volume of options can make all the decisions a little daunting.

Although this planning aid has been around for a while, I would like to introduce The Little Pink Book.  The Little Pink Book is a chic pocket size, hard cover wedding planner.  It's small enough to carry around in your handbag (size A6) but contains everything you need to plan a wedding, including service providers, trends, tips, budget guidelines, place for notes and more.

In addition, The Little Pink Book Blog provides a regular stream of wedding inspiration. The blog is packed with tips, advice, real weddings, supplier promotions and DIY inspiration. This blog helps keep a bride planning her wedding up to date with wedding trends and styles and keeps her informed of upcoming events, workshops and expos. As a supplier within the bridal industry I enjoy the fresh posts with plenty of beautiful pictures. There is a good variety of information and it's easy to find specifics in any of the categories should you need to. The appealing layout is really easy to use and helps to make planning a wedding a dream.

Have you used The Little Pink Book? What do you think of their blog? I'd really like to hear your comments!


Tuesday, October 9

BYW: What Inspires Me

As mentioned in a previous post, I have enrolled on a blogging e-course. Part of a homework assignment this week has really got me thinking ... I need to blog what inspires me and why.

I can honestly say that creating with fabric is in my blood. I am inspired by fabric. I love the different textures, the weight, the fall, the sheen, the shades. Being surrounded by metres and metres of fabric makes me ridiculously happy. I feel like a kid in the proverbial candy store. I was able to change careers in 2005 and I now enjoy the privilege of working with finer fabrics, fabric suitable for creating gowns that brides dream of. 

Even now, thinking of the sheen of silk, the dreamy drape of chiffon, the subtle sparkle of crystal beading, the textures of raw silk and lace ... my heart beats a little faster and my mind starts running wild at all the possibilities!

Add to this the ability to transform a flat piece of fabric into a garment that not only shows off the attributes of the fabric itself but that enhances the joy and beauty of the bride. It fascinates me how the 1000's of little stitches, applied in the correct sequence, can hold this vision together. The motto for my little studio has always been "Memories are stitched with love". And, I think this shows.

The cherry on top, though, is the people I meet. I am inspired by the excitement and love of the bride-to-be. I love how different each person is, how varied their approach to planning their wedding, their personal style, their choices in wedding dresses and accessories. I love watching their reaction as their dream comes to life, the excitement when they finally get to take their creation home with them.

Well, there you have it. 'My' brides and the fabrics they choose. That is my inspiration.


Blogging Your Way Boot Camp

I am super excited to have taken the plunge ... I've enrolled on BYW Boot Camp, a blogging e-course presented by Holly Becker from Decor8.  I initially started my blog as a way of recording some of my memories and experiences over the last few years but realise that my blog could be soo much more. I am really looking forward to progressing to the next level of blogging.

I hope you join me for the 'ride'!

Sam *