Monday, October 29

Chas & Nadine

Well now, this wedding was particularly Special! Chas is my 'little' brother so it was a great privilege to make Nadine's dress. Nadine knew exactly what she wanted and managed to source the fabric for her dress when shopping with her mom.  Happy days!

And some dress shots ... Nadine chose a thin organza ribbon for the side, bodice lace up which introduced a bit of colour.  We also hand made flowers, incorporating a little of the fabric used for the bridesmaids' dresses as well as some of the embroidered organza used for the bodice and skirt.

Chas and Nadine had some of their pictures taken at the beach, before the reception.  I love these fun shots and splashes of colour from the little changing huts.

Finally, I need to include some pictures of the bridesmaids and little helpers.  I loved the splash of cerise to brighten up the fairly neutral tones of the attendants' outfits.  And, I really think my little kiddies look too cute!

These beautiful photos were taken by Seagram Pearce

I really enjoyed the trip down memory lane as I went through the photos.  The photographer really captured some beautiful expressions as well as 'moments'.  It was a beautiful wedding ... and Nadine is a Wonderful sister!

What did you think of these photos?

Sam *


  1. Love the shots! Amazing, I really like the wedding dress, so lovely and beautiful.

    Kind regards,
    Boracay Wedding

  2. I love the bright colors of the changing huts and the pop of the pink shoes! The wedding dress is lovely. I love the photo of them walking and the tulle underskirt showing slightly.

  3. Thanks for the comments!
    Chas & Nadine really got a wonderful array of picture styles. The pops of colour really created a cheery vibe.
    Sam *


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