Monday, January 14

Emerald Green Moodboard

Hello! Did you have a good holiday period? Hopefully you're feeling refreshed and ready to face a new year with gusto. I'm looking forward to this year for a number of reasons. One of my goals is to pay more attention to this blog and I plan to introduce a couple of new regular features, one of which is mood board inspiration...

Towards the end of last year Pantone announced that their colour for 2013 is Emerald Green. I personally love the various shades of green and thought we could start this year off with inspiration for an Emerald Green Wedding.

Whether using heavy influences of green or just touches of emerald accents, the colour provides a rich contrast to shades of white. For more emerald inspiration please visit my Emerald Wedding Pinterest board. And I have two additional boards which provide some inspiration for wedding dresses as well as ideas for wedding accessories.

So, what colour did you use or what colour are you using for your wedding theme? I'd love to hear!

Sam *

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