Tuesday, November 20

Love is Enough

Ok, so the innitial attraction to this picture was, yes, the sparkle.  There's always room for more! 

However, the caption is very succinct.  I have long been a fan of an old group that sings a song "All you need is love" because no matter what you are experiencing in life, no matter what hardships you're going through and no matter how bad you may feel about yourself ... if you have the love and support of someone special, you're going to be ok.

The other side of the story is that when times are going well, when you're full of ideas that need to be shared and when you're experiencing something new and special ... yep that's right, it's all even better when you can share this with someone who loves you.

Being loved and loving in return gives you the energy and motivation to keep going or get going.  Love makes you happy.  Love is enough.

Do you agree with this caption?

Sam *

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