Wednesday, September 14

Trash the Dress - Tammy

A little while after Tammy's wedding (see the wedding post here) she met up with two of her cousins for a 'Trash the Dress' shoot.  This kind of shoot can be daunting, especially if there's the chance of ruining your dress.  I once saw pictures of a bride literally cutting pieces off her dress in a derelict building which I found completely horrifying!  That said, the pictures from this type of shoot are often very relaxed and carefree and the dress doesn't necessarily need to be decimated.

With this particular shoot, Tammy styled her dress differently to that of her wedding day.  I love the contrast of the ivory lace vs the graffiti walls.

And this shot is amazing!

PS Apart from some sand in the hem of Tammy's wedding dress, everything stayed in tact ;)

Any thoughts on Trash the Dress shoots?

Sam *

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