Thursday, August 18

Jono & Sarah

Although I had made wedding dresses before, I had always been limited to the use of commercial sewing patterns.  After my studies in pattern drafting, Sarah's was the first dress I made from scratch.  And, what fun!  The style of dress she had chosen was my kind of dress ... and she chose my favourite fabric, Raw Silk.  In addition, Sarah is my husband's sister and I pretty much grew up with Jono.  So this wedding was extra special.

Sarah didn't make it easy for me as there was only a couple of months to make the dress and she lost a lot of weight due to the stress of planning her own wedding (she was a little titch to start with!).

Anyway, I loved the whole process and feel extremely privileged to have been entrusted with such an important dress.  Years down the line, Sarah says that she still loves her dress ... and I do too.

 Photographer: Jan Hendrik

Don't you think the penguin in the 3rd picture is cute?!

Sam x

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